The Committee

Behind the Scenes

Spring Ho is organized by an all volunteer committee that works throughout the year to provide a great family style festival. Lampasas Spring Ho Festival, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that “gives back to its community” through scholarships, park improvements and in many other various ways. Local business sponsors, volunteers, ex-Committee members and individual donations have continued to make Spring Ho a well known festival not only for Lampasas, but also for surrounding communities as well. Members of the Spring Ho Committee agree to serve a three year term. A new member quickly finds out that running Spring Ho is a complex task in which the first year is a total learning experience. The Committee meets once each month year around, with other meetings held on an as needed basis. A month prior to Spring Ho the Committee meets once each week and the actual week of Spring Ho is more than a full time job starting at sun up and going well into the night time hours.

Since 1972 hundreds upon hundreds of Lampasas area residents have volunteered to be a member of the Spring Ho Committee, putting in countless hours of hard work, and insuring that Spring Ho usually goes off without a hitch! When you see a green shirt in the crowd at Spring Ho, you know a current committee member is on the job!

2023’s Current Committee

3rd Year
Tonya Cockburn, Chad Freeman, Sheridan Gill, and Matt McDonald

2nd Year
Bobby Bumpas, Bart Clary, Blake Parrish, and Mandy Johnson

1st Year
Jason Bobo, Spinner Dimas, Tricia Sneed, and Annie Trotter 

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